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Yannula Studios

   Yannula studios is a family business operating for more than 25 years. We have different rooms and apartments with a unique character each on of them. Our purpose is to provide you comfy, relax, and enjoyable vocations during your stay.

   Our rooms are located at Kampos of Marathokampos in Samos. The rooms are almost 70 meters from a beautiful sandy beach. There are restaurants, cafes, beach bars, supermarkets, and bakery shops close to us.


   All of our rooms have air-condition and insect screens(nets) for windows and doors so you can sleep without unfriendly mosquitos  :)

Also a net above double beds to keep you double protected :D 

By the way don't bring a hairdryer with you as the rooms are having their own.

   Water boilers and coffee-making machines are not an option so everyone has one. In case you want an espresso, we can provide you with a traditional machine to use it. Some rooms have a larger fridge in case you have a bigger family so we can keep a special room for you in advance.

All the above together with anything we can provide you is included in the price of 40 to 50 euros depending on the room you will stay in and the number of people. 

   Don't forget to taste the local products that are healthy, tasteful, and natural. In the list are some of the finest Samos wines and spirits, olive oil products, and herbs with a magnificent sense that every time you smell them, they travel you back to Samos island.

   You can explore the island through various activities such as hiking, biking, canoe kayaking, sightseeing, jeep safari, boat adventures, wine tours, and mountain climbing for those who like more extreme activities. 

  Samos island has a rich history and you should visit historical places like Pythagora's cave, the temple of Hera, Efpalinion tunnel, the walls of ancient harbor of Pythagorion, beautiful old churches all across the island, and museums that will travel you back in time.


 Also, the island has hidden beaches you can explore by land or sea.

There are some traditional boats that make trips around the island and give you the chance to enjoy those beaches without engaging with driving around the island, or even getting you to places there is no road to get you there by car.

    We are approximately 50 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the harbor. We can arrange a taxi to pick you up or rent a car to wait for you when you arrive.

   Our family business is glad to guide you with anything you need and support you as much as we can.



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Submit a comment to us, we would love to know how was your vocations.

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